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The Jump-O-Lene

About the Jump-O-Lene

A soft, safe trampoline for children ages 3-6 or add balls to convert to a ball pit. Inflates to 82"diameter x 28.5"H. Two kids maximum. 120 lb. weight capacity.

Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit

About the Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit

Enjoy hours and hours of fun in the Playland Ball Pit of Bubble Gum. A silly tune and fun sound effects magically play as your children enjoy watching the colorful, soft, flex balls swirl around and down the bubble gum tower. The Bubble Gum Playland Ball Pit is made of new and improved phthalate safe materials. 50 soft flex balls are included with rental.

First Fitness Fun Activity Tumbler

About the Fun Activity Tumbler

Get on a roll with this kid-powered, over-sized, super wheel! The First Fitness Activity Tumbler encourages cardio activity and flexibility while having fun. The Activity Tumbler features a bright and colorful see-through design and has a durable heavy gauge construction and measures 4 feet in diameter.

The Red-Bull Hopping Ball

About the Red-Bull Hopping Ball

Watch out for the Bull! Remember these? Ever since their arrival in 1971, kids can't stop bouncing on these irresistible hopping balls. Hop Balls are popular with kids of all ages and provides fun, outdoor exericise on level surfaces. These 28" hop balls are ideal for 13 yr olds and older.

Hopping balls promote body coordination, balance, lymph circulation and provides a fun work-out while hopping on the ball.

Rent 2 or more hopping balls to compete in races. Set up obstacle courses, challenge kids to bounce different directions, for as long as they possible can, as far as they can, as high as they can, etc. They crave it, they need it, they will truly benefit from it!

Lil Contender Punching Bag and Bop Gloves

About the Lil' Contender

The First Fitness Lil Contender Punching Bag and Bop Gloves is a great way for your children to stay active while having fun. The free standing punching bag keeps bouncing back for more and comes with a pair of giant, over-sized bop gloves that are safe for action. With the Fitness First Lil Contender Punching Bag and Bop Gloves, kids can punch and jab their way to those championship rounds.

  • Cardiovascular training increases heart and respiratory health and stamina
  • Agility training teaches body awareness and balance
  • Performance training enhances child's exercise performance and coordination
  • Skills training develops the basics needed to do well in sports

Time to Play Yo Gabba Gabba Tent

About Yo Gabba Gabba Tent

The Yo Gabba Gabba tent is the perfect rental for a Yo Gabba Gabba fan! This fun and colorful tent inspires imagination through play time, featuring, the Little Green One, Brobee!


  • Mesh top for ventilation and a front opening
  • Shock-corded PVC poles
  • Yo Gabba Gabba CD of classic songs
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