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Crocodile Isle Water Park

About the Crocodile Isle Water Park

The Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park is a Louisiana swamp, play paradise! Kids climb up the Crocodile's foot, where they can slide down his tail, or if they're brave enough, slide right down his snout! Once they escape the Croc, watch them splash happily in the crocodile lagoon, or dare to tempt the Croc again! Kids can lounge on the island platform, or climb up, where sprayers spray water down on both slides. It's got plenty of room for a fun party. Kids love keeping cool in the croc lagoon, or sliding down the twisty splash slides. Up to 5 kids can play in the Crocodile Isle at once! When the fun is over and after a long expedition to the Crocodile Isle, kids will sleep soundly throughout the night! 

3D Shark Bite Water Slide

About the 3D Shark Bite Water Slide

Grab your 3-D aqua goggles and get ready for a thrilling ride! First, hurtle your way down the 17' water slide. As you rapidly approach the shark, its special 3-D graphics will make you believe you're flying toward the waiting jaws of the hungry Great White. You won't believe your eyes! Finally, you break through and escape the shark's grasp with a giant splash landing. It's a terrifying and exciting journey you'll want to experience over and over again! For Ages 5+.

Ultimate Beach Ball™ Sprinkler

About the Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler

Keep children active with this unique and fun sprinkler! It combines beach ball action with wild water play! Inflate beach ball, hook it up to a hose, and water flies out of 4 sprayers on the ball. Children can roll and chase the ball around on the grass or fill pouch in the bottom of the ball with water to keep it stationary.

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